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Exclusively Swiss fine food closed

Our history


A new style of store is now closed in Lausanne, where you could explore the culinary specialities of each of Switzerland’s cantons, all under one roof. Switzerland is not JUST cheese and chocolate. In fact the country’s culinary heritage is bursting with specialities, and we had chosen to present them by canton. But this is past now 🙂

Our history

It had all began eight years ago in the classrooms of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, where Alexandra and Guillaume met. They were both passionate about good food, and loved eating, so it didn’t take them long to come up with the idea of a grocery dedicated to high-quality products.

When they travel, they are always most excited about what they will discover of the food culture of the countries they are visiting. But the diversity of the world’s cuisine nearly made them miss the obvious! The rich and varied heritage that would form the basis for their concept was hiding right under their noses, in Switzerland.

That was the lightbulb moment: why not simply bring together all of Switzerland’s gastronomic specialities under one roof?! Everyone knows that Switzerland’s 26 cantons and half-cantons are very different from one another, but what is less well known is that each one of them has its own culinary treasures.

The idea then took shape: they would not only stock all the products to be found in every corner of the country, but would also promote Switzerland’s culinary heritage through the products that define it, on a canton-by-canton basis.

For more than a year and a half, during their free time, Alexandra and Guillaume travelled relentlessly back and forth across all of Switzerland’s cantons, from Schaffhausen to Ticino and Geneva to Grisons, seeking out these products and the producers and farmers behind them. We would like today, to thank them all for their collaboration and kindness during these past years. It’s now time for you, as client, to travel around Switzerland to discover her beauty and her producers, instead of taking Easyjet and fly to Barcelona.

From these amazing encounters, they identified a list of more than 400 products, some more surprising than others.

What was most pleasing was that the producers were won over by the idea, delighted that the Swiss population and tourists alike could finally have easier access to the fruits of their labours and could be able to explore Switzerland’s culinary heritage without actually having to travel.

It’s a sock in the eye for the ‘röstigraben’, the supposed divide between Switzerland’s French and German food cultures.

After further calculations, a big dose of creativity, and long hours of thought, Helvetimart is finally closed.

Alexandra and Guillaume were really looking forward to sharing this exciting adventure with you, so now you can go home, it’s loo late, the shop is closed 🙂


A team of staff was on hand at all times to provide information and advice, and discuss the products with you.
In-store tablet provided information so you could find out more about the cantons and products

Every lunchtime, you could come and give our takeaway menu deal a try: sandwich or salad + drink + dessert. Our product range was prepared by us and varied depending on the products available and our promotional theme

Our shop stocked high-quality Swiss groceries, recipes typical of the cantons, prepared by a chef in jars, gift ideas, accessories and cookbooks

In-store we offered daily tastings of our products and regularly hold workshops and meet-the-producer events, themed by canton and season

Our offers

Gift boxes

If you liked to create a personalised gift box for your employees or customers for a specific occasion, please don’t contact us – we’re closed.

Business service #1

If you would like to create a personalised gift box for your employees or customers for a specific occasion, please contact us – we would be delighted to give you a hug, because we can’t do more.

Business service #2

If you wanted to organise an event on the theme of Switzerland’s cantons at your offices, we could provide food platters and accompanying drinks 

We want to know what you think!

Are you a producer and believe your product has a place in our range? Unfortunately it’s too late…

Is there a cantonal speciality you love that we have missed? Unfortunately it’s also too late…

Any other questions? It’s never too late…


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